Command Line Management of Bluetooth on a Mac

Have you ever been a situation where your good intentions backfire.

For instance, when all you wanted to do was disconnect a Bluetooth headset and end up disconnecting all Bluetooth devices… Ahem… Like your mouse…

I know, it’s a bonehead move and I had this exact experience because I was in a hurry.

“Yep, sure, disconnect all Bluetooth devices” I said to myself as I read the warning out loud… oops… this does include the mouse I’m using at this moment. FFS…

Ok, now what… I have no mouse to click the stupid toolbar option to turn Bluetooth back on.

Try the keyboard, nope, no hotkey, not even in System Preferences.

So I start Googling on my phone to try to figure this put and discovered blueutil!

This slick little tool put me back in business in under 30 seconds so I thought it was worth a post to give some props.

brew install blueutil

blueutil power 1

Good lookin out Frederik Seiffert!